Nomo® launches Apple Pay for its customers

Nomo Bank

9 May 2022

Since its launch last October, Nomo® has witnessed a significant growth in the number of customers and the services it provides

Andrew Paul: The near future will see more digital services provided by Nomo

BLME the bank affiliated with Boubyan Bank Group, announced the launch of the Apple Pay service for its digital bank customers “Nomo Bank”. Apple Pay is the most secure digital payment method that will allow the bank’s customers to conduct all their transactions through various Apple smart devices (iPhone - iPad - Mac and Apple watch), in a step that is considered an important shift in the use of the bank’s digital services, providing more ease, convenience and security in daily payments and purchase transactions.

Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, a member of the Board of Directors of BLME, said that this step comes within the framework of Nomo Bank®’s keenness to develop a group of innovative digital payment solutions to meet the challenges of the times, and provide customers with the latest payment technologies, giving them a unique banking experience that meets their aspirations and needs while ensuring the highest levels of protection and security.

For his part, Chief Executive Officer of BLME Andrew Paul said, “We are proud of this important step in the journey of Nomo Bank, which began a few months ago, and proved BLME Bank’s vision to establish a digital Islamic bank that meets the aspirations of customers and meets the needs of everyone in the region who wish to better manage their wealth. with access to advanced banking services.

Paul added, “Nomo Bank® customers enjoy complete control of their savings and wealth in their London accounts 24/7, no matter where they are located, thanks to the bank’s secure and easy-to-use application that provides a variety of innovative digital banking services and products.”

This service will allow Nomo Bank customers to easily make payments either from within the application, or when making online purchases, without the need to create accounts or enter credit card information, shipping address and billing each time. Security was also taken into account for a key feature in the design of Apple Pay when paying using bank cards, as the card numbers are not stored on the device, and instead, a personal account number for the device is created and encrypted and then stored in an approved chip.

Multiple uses

For his part, Al-Tuwaijri indicated that it is possible to pay using Apple devices, whether iPhone or smartwatch, in stores, restaurants, cafes, hotels and others with ease all over the world, in addition to purchasing online, using the features of the finger/ face print on the devices.

"You can imagine the ease of having your bank card on your phone or your watch, which makes life easier and makes all your daily banking transactions easy, you only need to pass them through payment machines that use the contactless feature." He added.

Al-Tuwaijri explained that Nomo Bank, since its launch last October, has witnessed continuous growth, both in terms of the number of customers and in terms of innovative digital banking services and products that it offers, which are very popular. And he added that although the bank’s customer base is still confined to Kuwait and Britain at the current stage, the bank is working on expanding its regional presence, which will start in the Gulf countries and from there to the rest of the region and then expand globally to be, in effect, “the first global digital Islamic bank” that meets the needs of everyone and provides High-level digital services.

Al-Tuwaijri said that the coming period will witness the provision of the application to users of Android phones, in addition to providing services related to real estate financing for those wishing to own real estate in Britain.

Advanced bank

With Nomo Bank, everyone, whether Boubyan customers or others, can open a current account in the UK in GBP or USD within a few minutes, and receive a direct debit card in pounds sterling from MasterCard at their address within 5 days to enjoy using it anywhere in the world.

Nomo Bank provides daily Shariah-compliant banking services and investment opportunities to the growing number of customers in Kuwait with international banking needs, and allows its customers to make fast international transfers directly from the application with fully transparent fees.

It is worth mentioning, that Nomo Bank is the retail brand of the Bank of London and Middle East BLME that Boubyan Bank owns a major stake of it, and which is fully licensed in the UK and subject to the supervision of the British financial supervisory authorities.