Boubyan Bank

Boubyan Bank

Our Pricing


Eligibiltiy Criteria

  • Our account fees are waived for the first 3 months after onboarding. After this time, you will need either a minimum total monthly balance of £20,000 (or equivalent) across your accounts, or pay a small monthly fee of £9 (or equivalent).

Debit Cards

Issuance and replacement

  • Debit card: free of charge
  • Replacement for lost or damaged debit cards: £10
  • All fees are waived until Monday 20th September 2021


  • Cash withdrawals in the UK: free of charge (ATM rates may apply)
  • Point of sale payment in the UK: free of charge
  • Cash withdrawals outside the UK: 0.5% cash fee + 2.5% FX fee of withdrawn value
  • Point of sale payment outside the UK: FX fee of 2.5% of payment value

Sending and receiving money within the UK

  • Receiving money within the UK: free of charge
  • Sending money within the UK: free of charge

Sending and receiving money outside the UK

  • Receiving money from outside the UK: free of charge (please check for any charges that may be applied by the sending bank)
  • Sending money outside the UK:
    • Sending from GBP account: service offered via Wise (Wise rates will apply)
    • Sending from USD account: $20 / transfer