How to open a UK Islamic bank account

Nomo Bank

24 Feb 2022

Although Islam is the second-most practised religion in the UK, there are just a small number of UK-based Islamic bank accounts on offer, and most of the major UK banks don’t have Sharia-compliant accounts.

It can be even more difficult to find a suitable British Islamic bank if you are a non-UK resident, as you will need to find an off-shore Islamic bank account provider. And as a quick Google search will tell you, there isn’t a long list to choose from!

How can I open a UK Islamic bank account?

Nomo is a UK online Islamic bank account available to residents in the UK and Kuwait.

UK Islamic banking from Nomo gives you access to great day-to-day banking services, while managed in strict accordance with Sharia laws. This means no credit or debit interest and no planned overdraft, and money held in Nomo accounts cannot be used to finance lending activity based on interest, or invested in non-Sharia-compliant activities.

Here’s how to open an Islamic online bank account with Nomo in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the Nomo app from the App Store

  2. Fill in some basic details about yourself, your finances and your tax obligations to see if Nomo is the right online bank account for you

  3. Verify your account by uploading scans of your passport and Civil ID (for residents of Kuwait)

Download the Nomo app and apply for an account today!