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How to open an online bank account

Nomo Bank

7 Mar 2023

Online banking is the perfect way to take control of your money 24/7, wherever you are. You no longer need bank branches and paper forms for opening an online bank account. You can complete the whole process from home, using your smartphone.

Nomo is a UK-based online bank account that you can access via the clear and simple Nomo app, giving you total control over your wealth, as well as on-the-go Islamic banking wherever your lifestyle takes you.

How to open an online bank account in 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the Nomo app from the App Store

  2. Fill in some details about yourself, your finances and your tax obligations to see if Nomo is the right online bank account for you

  3. Verify your account by uploading scans of your passport and Civil ID (for residents of Kuwait)


The benefits of opening an online bank account in the UK

By choosing Nomo for your online bank account, you have the opportunity to open an online bank account in the UK, with GBP and USD Current Accounts and Fixed Term Deposits. A UK online bank account makes it easy to access UK investment opportunities such as GBP savings accounts and property investments in London. Property investments with Nomo are coming soon!

Here are some of the benefits you get with a Nomo account*:

● FREE spending in GBP

● FREE debit card to use while you’re in the UK

● FREE cash withdrawals in the UK (some ATMs charge)

● FREE transfers to and from UK bank accounts

● LOW, transparent fees for international transfers

● UK investments in GBP and USD through Fixed Term Deposits

● FSCS protection on deposits up to £85,000

● Instant online spending with your virtual debit card

● 24/7 control of your account through your app

● Multilingual support (English and Arabic)

It takes just minutes to apply for a Nomo account, and you can complete your application from your smartphone!

Download the Nomo app and apply for an account today!

*Provided minimum balance met. For more information, please see