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The people of Nomo

Rashaad Price

11 Jan 2024

Today I want to share my key learnings and reflections from heading up the people function during my 2 years with Nomo Fintech from a business and personal perspective.

For ease of reading, I have put them down in point format below at a business level and professional level.

Collaboration – We started building Nomo during the lockdown and we were spread across 26 locations from Italy to Bali – the list goes on and on! However, the collective belief that we were building something that would fundamentally change the landscape drove everyone at all levels to go above and beyond. This was a catalyst for people to do the unknown, go a bit further, but also develop an environment within which to create and build and grow something as a collective.

The Power to Pivot – “Agile” is a word that can often be misused in the work environment, especially within the Fintech space, but what was astounding to see is that as a collective we have dealt with setbacks and changes in direction with constant belief that we are moving in the right direction. This has been largely powered by the people we have, who are all motivated, inspired, involved, and solution-focused. Professionally, at an HR level, it meant ensuring all partners are aligned with the changes in direction and ensuring stakeholders buy in and commit to the desired outcome.

Humanity – A large contingent of our team are based in Ukraine and when the war broke out, you could see the level of care and thought people put in across the board to make sure all people first felt safe, heard, supported, and appreciated. This translates to many interactions across the company that show the heart and soul of who we are, staff coming together to celebrate each other from engagement announcements, drivers’ licenses, probation sign-offs, and Kudos that are driven from all levels, which is lovely to see.

Cultural fit - Hiring is not easy in a market that is so buoyant but what is harder is getting the cultural fit of the people you hire. Here what was amazing to witness at Nomo Fintech was that hiring managers collaborated across verticals to support and give second and even third opinions if need be to make sure we get the right people and make sure the environment aided them in their journey to where they want to get in their careers. We pride ourselves in having below-market turnover and we believe that all staff is part of the fabric of who we are and whom we aspire to be.

The power of building – As a new company, the opportunities and challenges that come from building from the ground up are enormous. And It all comes down to that drive, tenacious spirit, and ability to wipe away those bad days that there will be in any position. Here, one does not undervalue the importance of a joint vision to align all at a company level. Regardless of the level, everyone is invested in ensuring success in their vertical to bring about business delivery.

Communication is King/Queen – We have intentionally kept our structure very flat to ensure communication and dialogue are open across the company, and we actively ask for suggestions/improvements and action items from the “voice of our internal customers”. We acknowledge where there are improvements required and share the journey to address these. We factor in space for all employees to have a voice in creating the company of the future. Tangible examples of this to date are Meeting Free Zones, listening to feedback and changing hybrid working models, as a result, reviewing policies considering changing conditions and many more.

What’s in store for the future?

  • Introducing our career page to the market and growing our employer brand and value proposition
  • Enhanced onboarding experience and vertical induction
  • Maximising e-platforms from applicant tracking to hiring
  • Introduction of career ladders for all staff so paths are clear for all and succession is a key part of the business
  • Enhancing and advocating for diversity at all levels within the organisation and committing to meaningful changes that bring about real results
  • Extending our learning library to include electronic platforms in addition to their dedicated learning allowance per year
  • Enhanced quarterly well-being activities and social calendar for all locations
  • Building our HR predictive metrics for better reporting
  • Maximising the internal potential of staff that we have and building them for the future capacity
  • Empowering our internal staff voice to create better people solutions for dedicated people solutions

Join the team

We have a variety of new positions that will be live from 2023 and a lot of exciting new releases. I am incredibly excited by what we have built so far and continue to be far more excited by what’s to come. If you want to be in a cutting-edge, people-centered organisation please chat with our Talent Team directly.