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Which UK university is right for you?

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9 Feb 2022

If you’re interested in studying in the UK, there are plenty of choices when deciding where and what you want to study. There are over 160 higher education institutions in the UK, with each offering a wide range of courses and degrees.

UK universities have been around for a very long time, with the oldest, Oxford University, being founded in 1096, giving the UK a rich history when it comes to higher education.

But how do you choose which UK university is right for you? Read on to discover a few important factors you should consider when looking at universities in the UK…

Location & lifestyle

Although the UK is relatively small, the choice of location for your university will have a big impact on your overall experience.

You may choose to stick to the big cities, such as London, Birmingham, Cardiff or Edinburgh, where student life blends into the hustle and bustle of UK city culture. Going to university in a major UK city will ensure that your experience is filled with a colourful blend of restaurants, cafes, parks, sports stadiums and entertainment venues.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more relaxed university experience in the UK, you should consider studying at one of the UK’s university towns like Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Exeter or St Andrews, which are all picturesque locations with historic buildings and vibrant university campuses.

The populations of these smaller university towns grow during term time when the students are there, bringing the whole place to life. If you are looking for a UK university experience where you are surrounded by other students, then one of the smaller university towns is for you.

Global ranking

Many universities in the UK are recognised as being some of the very best in the world. In fact, four out of the top ten universities in the QS World University Rankings list are based in the UK.

Having the name of a top UK university on your academic record might be very useful throughout your career, as many employers will be impressed by the name of one of the world’s best universities on your CV!

If you’re planning to study in the UK, you have lots of universities to choose from which boast high standards of teaching and excellent facilities. Every year, UK universities receive millions of pounds (GBP) in funding, which allows them to keep improving the student experience through academic experts, cutting-edge campuses, and world-leading research.

Academic specialisms

Different UK universities specialise in different academic subjects, so it is important to do lots of research into which university is the best for the subject you want to study.

A great way to discover where to find the best courses for different subjects is by looking at rankings for each subject. For example, Oxford University is best for Medicine, UCL is best for Architecture, and Cambridge University is best for Maths.

You should also bear in mind that courses in the same subject will differ from university to university. For example, a Business Management course may look very different at Birmingham University compared with Cambridge University. When looking at prospective courses, you should look at what modules are offered, who the tutors are, and what the course structure is like.

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