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Apple Pay

How to set up and use Apple Pay

About Nomo

Who we are, how we work and where we’re based

Protection and personal data

Learn how we use your data, and make sure it’s always safe

Sharia compliance

How we make sure that Nomo is always Sharia-compliant

Opening an account

Check if you’re eligible for a Nomo account and how to start

Verifying my identity

Check the documents required to open a Nomo account

My profile

How to access and update your personal profile

Managing my account

Change your account settings and find out your bank details


How to order, set up, and make purchases with your cards

Banking with Nomo

Find out how you can make Nomo your main bank account

Making transfers

How to send money from the Nomo app

Using the Nomo app

Navigating the Nomo app and getting the most of our features

Managing my wealth

Payments, investments and transfers with Nomo

Complaints procedure

Find out how to make a complaint with Nomo

Bank account closure

Find out how to close my Nomo account

Property Finance

Find out about Nomo Property Finance