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Banking with Nomo

Please ask your employer if they can support this. Nomo can accept payments through Faster Payments or CHAPS into GBP (£) accounts and SWIFT into USD ($) accounts.

Yes. You can spend online and make payments with your card.

The debit card will go through Mastercard SecureCode for online transactions. For some transactions we may send a One-Time Password to your registered mobile number for you to enter and complete the transaction.

Not at the moment. Nomo is part of BLME, but they operate under different banking systems. However, you can make a transfer instantly from your BLME account into your Nomo account.

The BIC code and IBAN contain ‘BLME’ because Nomo is a trading name of BLME and operates on the BLME banking license. Please note that the BIC for your USD ($) account (BLMEGB2LBB22) is different from the BIC for your GBP account (BLMEGB22).

No. At the moment, you can only add money by bank transfer.

You can access your bank statement in the Nomo app. Statements are issued within 24 hours of the last day of each month. To access your statements, go to Profile and then select ‘Statements’.

If your balance goes overdrawn, you will be required to add money to bring it to zero or above. If you do not do this, you will be in breach of the terms and conditions of the account. There will be no charges on overdrawn accounts. Nomo may deduct the debit balance from any other credit balance.

No. This is not currently available.

No. Not at the moment, but we’re looking into Direct Debit and standing order capability for the future.

We recommend you seek qualified tax advice in relation to the tax treatment in both your home country and country of residence.