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Security and fraud

Contact us immediately if your account has been compromised. To confirm you’re the account holder, we’ll run some security checks based on information from your ID. We will ask you security questions to confirm your details via email or phone. Once your identity has been confirmed, we’ll help to protect you from any fraudulent activities on your account.

Nomo will never send text messages or emails containing time-sensitive instructions for you to sign in to your account and share user data. We will never ask you to provide information outside our secure channels. All our emails are sent from If you receive an email trying to impersonate Nomo, please contact us so we can take action.

If you receive text messages that seem suspicious, do not click on the links or share any data (personal or bank related). Please take a screenshot of the full message and details of the sender.Once we receive the information, we’ll send you a confirmation email. Please delete this email from your phone as soon as you receive it.

We recommend you that you check our website or the Nomo app to see the products offered by Nomo. Only apply for a Nomo product through our channels (currently only via the Nomo app).

Never share your one-time password with anyone. Nomo will never call you to ask for it – the only action you take with it should be entering it when prompted by Mastercard ID Check.

If you received a call or an email trying to impersonate Nomo, please report it to us immediately using the contact details in the Nomo app.