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Verifying my identity

The documents you need to verify your identity are:

  • Your passport, to verify your identity

  • Your Civil ID (for Kuwaiti residents only), as proof of address

These documents must be valid, so we cannot accept them if they are expired.

We need a real-time photo capture of the valid physical passport and identity cards. We are unable to accept a picture of a picture of these documents - you must take a new photo of the real documents.

When you take the photos, please make sure that there is no glare and all the details are clear, and that you capture the entire photo page. 

By following the above guidelines, you can avoid problems with scanning your documents, and enjoy a seamless application process! 

Read our blog about how to correctly scan your passport and Civil ID here.

In some cases, we are required by law to ask for additional information about your income or address. This is so we can verify your identity before opening your account.

Make sure the document is fully in the frame and that you are not covering any details. The image should not be blurry or affected by glare or shadows. If you need additional support completing the verification process, please contact us so we can help.

Read our blog about how to correctly scan your passport and Civil ID here.

We will ask you for the following when you apply for a Nomo account:

  • Verification of your passport/identity

  • Your address

  • Information about your finances

  • Your tax obligations

We will also ask you the reason for opening an account, so that we can give you the best experience when banking with Nomo.

We will ask you some basic information about your finances, including a rough estimation of your assets, where you hold these assets, and which countries you have bank accounts in. You’ll also need to tell us where you hold tax residency.

We need information about your finances for regulatory reasons.