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Everyone who opens a Nomo account will receive a GBP (£) debit card. If you haven’t received your card within a week, please contact us. USD Debit Card is not available at the moment.

You should receive your card within 3 to 5 working days of opening your Nomo account or after ordering a replacement card.

In the Nomo app, go to Card and then select ‘Card details’. You can use these details to spend online straight away.

At the moment, we only offer a GBP (£) Mastercard debit card linked to your GBP Current Account. We’ll be launching other types of card soon.

In the app, go to Card and  select ‘Activate card’. Please only do this when you’ve received your physical card. You are required to complete a Chip & PIN transaction before contactless is enabled.

If you don’t activate your card, you won’t be able to use your physical card but can still spend online using your card details.

Yes. We work with regulation standards to give Nomo users peace of mind. All transaction data in Nomo uses the strictest security standards. Additionally, we use 3DSecure to ensure that the owner of the card is making the transactions If you spot a suspicious transaction, immediately go to Card and then Freeze card to stop your card from being used

Yes. We have leading fraud detection technology and will always reach out to you to confirm transactions if we detect anything suspicious. If you spot a suspicious transaction, immediately go to Card and then Freeze card to stop your card from being used.

You’ll be asked to set your PIN as part of the application process or when you order Nomo card.

You can change your PIN at any time at any ATM.

You can use your card around the world, wherever Mastercard is accepted. Spending in the UK or in GBP (£) is free of charge. Spending in other currencies will involve a currency conversion and a 2.5% fee.

Non-UK ATM withdrawals will incur a 2.5% charge + 0.5% cash fee, both applicable to the total value withdrawn.

You can get a PIN reminder in the Nomo app. Go to Card and then select ‘PIN reminder’.

Open the Nomo app and go to Card and select ‘Replace card’. Check your most recent transactions and if you see any transactions you don’t recognise, please contact us immediately.

If your card is blocked, open the Nomo app, go to Card and then check if ‘Unfreeze card’ is displayed. If it’s not, please contact us for help.

Not necessarily. You can make contactless, Chip & PIN and Magstripe transactions. Please check our limits section to learn more about limits.

If you need to change the phone number linked to your card, please contact us. If you don’t get in touch, you may not be able to make transactions.

You can find out about fees in the app. Go to Cards and then select ‘Limits and fees’. You can also contact us from your registered mobile number or email address.

Yes. All transaction information including fees, charges and currency conversions will be included in your account statements.

Here are the benefits of the different cards: Nomo:

  • Fee-free spending in the UK/GBP
  • Online spending straight away – no need to wait for a physical card
  • Fully digital card management 24/7 in the app
  • Security controls to limit spending either online or in-store

It’s free to make GBP (£) transactions. Non-GBP transactions will be converted using Mastercard currency conversion and will have a 2.50% fee.

The debit card will go through Mastercard SecureCode for online transactions. For some transactions we may send a One-Time Password to your registered mobile number that you’ll need to enter to complete the transaction.

Yes. Limits on the card spend can be found in your Nomo app. Currently the limits are fixed.

Below are the daily limits applicable:

  • Single ATM withdrawal: £1,000
  • Daily ATM withdrawal: £3,000
  • ATM withdrawals per day: 10
  • Subject to ATM limits

Yes, you will incur the currency conversion + 2.50% FX fee and 0.50% of cash fee.

No. For security reasons you will receive a new number. However, we will automatically update your card details on websites where you have previously saved your card details.

We’ll send you a new card a few months before your card is due to expire. Once you use the new card, your old one will be automatically cancelled.

No. You can’t cancel your card but you can freeze it so it can’t be used. To freeze your card, sign in to the app, go to Card and then 'Freeze card'. This will mean the card is blocked and no card transactions can be completed.

If you don’t recognise a transaction, select the transaction in the Nomo app and then immediately contact us.

To dispute a debit card transaction, please reach out to and raise a dispute process with us. If they agree and the card transaction has a ‘Completed’ status, you can raise a dispute.