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Nomo has partnered with The Currencycloud Limited to offer multi-currency accounts. When making international transfers, the sending bank might show the receiving bank’s name and address as:

The Currencycloud Limited

The Steward Building

12 Steward Street

London, UK

E1 6FQ

This is because of the SWIFT BIC (TCCLGB3L) associated with The Currencycloud. Your international payment will still be deposited to your Nomo currency account.

Please be aware that Nomo’s registered address is:

Bank of London and The Middle East plc

Cannon Place

78 Cannon Street


United Kingdom


Just like sending a WhatsApp message, payments to mobile contacts let you send money to other Nomo users using just their mobile number.

If the recipient sets their account to ‘visible’ you don’t need to enter their number. Once you’ve given permission for Nomo to access your contacts, their name will appear and you can simply tap their name and send money in seconds.

Payments to mobile contacts are perfect for when you want to send money to someone quickly and cheaply, without the hassle of entering all of their bank details. They’re fee-free no matter the locations of the sender and the recipient.

In order to appear as visible to other Nomo users that have your mobile number saved in their phonebook, you need to enable this in your account settings. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Head to your account settings
  2. Click on Privacy and security
  3. Select Make myself visible to my friends on Nomo

You can also make yourself visible by heading to the Pay a mobile contact section in the Pay & transfer tab in the Nomo app, and following the on-screen instructions.

The two methods detailed above can also be used to make yourself invisible to other Nomo users – simply unselect the option to make yourself visible. Please note that a Nomo user won’t be able to receive payments from a mobile contact if they are set to invisible.

Step 1: Head to the Pay & transfer tab.

Step 2: Choose Pay a mobile contact.

Step 3: Enter the recipient’s mobile number, or select their name from the list of your contacts that have a Nomo account. For this, you will need to give Nomo access to your contacts, and the recipient will need to make their Nomo account ‘visible’ in their account settings.

Step 4: Enter the amount you want to send, and an optional reference for the payment.

Step 5: Confirm the transfer.

GBP (£) transfers within the UK usually arrive within seconds, but can also take up to two hours.

For international payments - GBP, EUR and USD can be the same day, provided the payment is made before the cut-off time, otherwise it will be the next UK working day.

The time it takes for international transfers to arrive in the destination account depends on the currency of the payment and if it is submitted before the cut-off time.

Therefore, other currencies and countries selected can take up to 2 UK business days for an international transfer to arrive in the destination account.

Recipients that you add to Nomo are stored in the app. When trying to transfer money, you’ll see a list of your existing recipients. You can select the recipient you wish to send money to from this list.

For international transfers, we apply the mid-market rate. It’s the most accurate rate, and we don’t charge any mark-up on it.

The exchange rate shown on the quote is the expected rate for the transfer. The exact rate will be the rate at the time of the conversion (right after submitting the request), so it could change by a small margin.

Cut-off times for international payments are all UK times:

SWIFT cut-off time: EUR - 2:30 pm

USD - 4:30 pm

SAR - 2:00 pm

KWD - 2:00 pm

AED - 2:00 pm

Low-cost payment cut-off time:

EUR - 2:00 pm

USD - 8:45 pm